• Multitronic NLIS HDX Sheep Tags
  • Multitronic NLIS HDX Sheep Tags

Multitronic NLIS HDX Sheep Tags



NLIS Approved

For effective identification of Sheep and Goats. Joined in strips of 10 for fast, easy application. Tough material to suit Australian conditions. Easy and fast, one operation application. Self piercing, tag cannot fall out. Heat resistant and ultra violet light stabilised.


The tag can be applied with the 3 in 1 Applicator  or  3 in 1 Applicator Lite


Tags are marked with three different marking options only.
Includes PIC, Serial Number and / or Property Name.

Important notice about Multitronic Serial numbers:
Serial numbers cannot be repeated on Multitronic breeder tags. If you order 10 Yellow with serial numbers 00001 - 00010, you cannot repeat those serial numbers on another colour. The exception to this is the Pink colour, which is considered a post breeder colour.  


$1.40 per tag

Please note:  Multitronic Tags are available in strips of 10 only. Please ensure your order quantity is to the nearest multiple of 10.


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