What is a Serial Number on NLIS tags? 
A serial number on NLIS tags is a 5 digit number located under the PIC number. 
It is a sequence number used to number each tag in your order. 
For example, if you order 100 tags, your tags can be marked 00001 - 00100 or you can specify a different number range on your order.  
A letter can also be added to the front of the 5 digits eg: A0001

If I place an order for NLIS tags today, when should i expect to receive my order? 
Please allow 5-7 business days for the tags to arrive to a rural/regional area. It is possible that your order will arrive within 3-4 days, however this cannot be guaranteed. We do not offer any express post option. If your order has not arrived within 10 business days, please contact your local post office as often parcels are left there for collection

Please expect delays on delivery over National / Victoria holidays. 

I urgently need to contact Livestock ID Online, what is the best way to do this? 
We are an online company and prefer all communication by email or our enquiry form. 
We regularly monitor our online enquiries and endeavour to respond within 1 hour (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). 

I made a mistake on my order, how can I fix it? 
Please email us info@livestockidonline.com.au with your order number and what changes you want to make to your order. 
We can't guarantee that all changes will be possible. 

I have just ordered Queensland NLIS Cattle tags, do i need to send you my Queensland DPI Authorisation form?  
Yes, we cannot process your order until we have received this form. Please email your form to info@livestockidonline.com.au   

I don't have a Queensland DPI Authorisation form, can I still order? 

No, you need to contact the Queensland DAFF. Their contact details can be found here:  http://www.daff.qld.gov.au/about-us/contact-us 

Is there an age or weight requirement for tagging Cattle? 
No, there is no legal requirement to tag cattle by a certain age or weight. It is a requirement to tag your cattle before they leave your property.

I am a manufacturer / supplier of livestock related products. Can I feature our products on your website?
Yes, we are currently looking to expand our Livestock product range. Any manufacturers / suppliers of Livestock related products, please email your company details to:  info@livestockidonline.com.au 

Do you manufacture the tags? 
No, we are an online distributor and do not manufacture the tags.  

Do you sell livestock? 
No, we do not sell any animals, only livestock related products.

Do the tag colours represent the animals gender or age? 
No, tag colours do not represent gender or age of animals. With NLIS RFID Cattle tags, white is used for breeder and orange represents post breeder. For all cattle management tags, colour is the customers choice. 

I don't have a PIC (Property Identification Code), can I still order NLIS tags? 
No, you need to contact your state DPI to obtain a PIC.

What are your payment methods? 
We accept Mastercard and Visa. EFT can be arranged by special request. 

Do you take orders by Telephone? 
No, we are an online company and do not take any orders by telephone. 

Do you offer any discounts on bulk purchases? 
Unless stated on our website, we do not offer any additional discounts on bulk purchases. 

Can I order Management tags with no marking (blank)? 
Yes, however the cost will be the same 

Do you sell an applicator that will apply both Cattle and Sheep tags?  
The Deluxe Applicator will apply all Cattle tags and Leadertronic Sheep tags. 

All other applicators will not apply both. 

The PIC on my tags is different to the PIC on my order, what should i do? 
Please check that the PIC you supplied was accurate. The manufacturer will sometimes alter the PIC if the one supplied was slightly inaccurate eg: a 2 instead of a 3. 
If you have confirmed the PIC supplied was accurate, please email us immediately and we will arrange a refund and reproduce the tags free of charge.